Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Update to "Blog Candy" Fabulous You Giveaway

Hey good people,
I am changing the requirement for the blog candy givaway; I hink I mae it too hard the first time.  So now all you have to do is register to follow my blog and leave the link to your blog in the comment section of this post...Thanks!
For those of you who participated in the Original post; please email your address to for a small appreciation gift. Thanks!!!

I am slowly approaching the big "50" in followers and I am excited about it.  So to ignite you in assisting me with my goal, I am giving away some blog candy.  Eligibility is easy-peasy: because the title of the stamp is Fabulous you and the quote is "The best friends come in all shapes and sizes, just like fabulous shoes"....All you have to do is join to follow my blog and leave a comment about 2 things...(1)  Who is/are your best
friend(s) and (2)what fabulous shoe would you compare her/them to..ok maybe I need to add a third qualification, so (3) is why would you compare her to your fabulous shoe selection. I will leave this opportunity open until I reach 50 followers.   Oh, please ensure I have your contact info...and thank you for allowing me to share my creations with you....I can't wait to see your comments...The winner of the blog candy will be selected by
Much love, Kinkybella


  1. Goodness, you'll blink, and soon 60 will be crawling quickly toward you! At least that's what happened to me! What fun! Love the way you are giving your candy away. My best friend is Shirley (she got me into stamping!). She's like the best pair of houseshoes ever, as she is so comfortable to be around, her heart is warm and fuzzy, and she listens quietly when I need her. Thanks for sharing! Hugs...

  2. What a beautiful description of your friend...Thanks for playing and good luck..Much love Kinkybella

  3. Nice blog candy. You will be at 50 followers before you know it Viv! My best friend is Lydia. We have been friends for 47 years now. I have a pair of heels that I love...they are stylish, priceless and the perfect fit. That's what she is...stylish, priceless and our friendship is the perfect fit!

  4. Ok, my oldest friend is my sister in law who I have known since grade school. She is more of platform shoe person. My other long time friend Kharmyn who I have known over 20 yrs., is a cowboy boot person. Then my new very good friend I think of her buying a pair of pink cowboy boots. I get tickled every time I think of these boots as they are as cute as she is.

  5. Okay Kinky, my closest friend is my sister because we are sister's twice (in birth and in Christ). I think I would have to compare her to my comfortable slippers because she's easy to talk to and dependable.

    By the way I'm getting near the 50 mark also. Check me out when you get a chance at

    I hope you reach your mark soon!

  6. My best friend is Mary J! We have known each other for over 28 years! I would compare her to my cowboy boots, as they are comfortable and reliable and I feel confident in them! Mary J has been by my side, comforting and I can certainly rely on her. We may agree to disagree, and I am confident to know our friendship will a sturdy good pair of cowboy boots! :)

  7. My best friend is my daughter. See is smart, beautiful, supportive. I would compare her to my favorite eyeglasses, she helps me to see things clearly.

  8. Hey Ladies, please email me at; I have a little something for you for participating...Thanks!

  9. Wow what a great stamp and sentiment! I like Edie's comparison to comfy dependable slippers! That's my friend always there to hug me when tired and hurting just like warm fuzzy slippers! :) Good luck you'll get there! I'm approaching 100 myself and thanks for being #93!


  10. Bella
    I am still so thankful for the pic upload info that I want to skip.
    Carole aka The Diamond Dragonfly