Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Craft Day Cards

Hey good people, I have accepted an offer to teach at a local Craft Day event.  I was asked to make 3-4 projects, so I plan to teach the crafters how to alter a tissue paper roll (in the red), and the two simple cards.  I will post the last design i a cople days.  If you have an idea about the type of card I show teach, let me know because I want it to be a bit challenging.  I am excited as it is my first time being paid to show someone how to make a card.  It's ironic because I only made layouts until I joined the site Scraps of Color.  Cardmaking wasn't an interest of mine, but I really enjoy it now.  TFL
Much love, Kinkybella

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  1. I like all the projects and feel they are appropriate for beginner's as well as experienced crafters. I like how you set up the footprints.